Take Advantage Of Tractor Farming Driver Village Simulator 2019 Cheat Android Games

Take Advantage Of Tractor Farming Driver: Village Simulator 2019 Cheat Android Games

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Tractor Farming Driver: Village Simulator 2019 – An Overview

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Agriculture is the main source of economy in the most countries of the World. People love farming and build featured farmhouses for this purpose.

There are a lot of things in farming and agriculture including Tractor simulation. It is difficult to fulfill the farming desire and drive the Tractor in the fields. So we are providing a platform for Tractor Simulator lovers and Farmers to enjoy the real-time Tractor simulation virtually.

All the features and the agriculture processes are extreme real that player feels himself/herself in a real Agricultural farm. A complete virtual Farm Simulator to play and enjoy the tractor driving in the fields is designed for the Farmers and simulation players both as well.

Game Play

As a farmer, the player will be standing near the tractor. Tractor Trolley has a Main role-play in the farming and agriculture. Driving a heavy tractor is an ultimate fun itself. Move farmer as 3rd person, and get in the Tractor. Switch on the tractor and drive the tractor to the agricultural equipment, a suitable and desired farming tool.

The main Process is divided into two parts:

• Cultivation
• Harvesting

1. Cultivation

It contains all processes before the crop is reaped, tools and machines are:

Plough – Ploughing the farmland

Rotavator – preparing land for next crop. It is used for breaking up or tilling the soil.

Seed Driller – A seed drill is a sowing device that sows the seed in the soil at proper depth and distance. Then it covers them with soil. It protects the seeds from birds and saves time and labor.

When plants grow enough to be appearing, urea and water required for the growth.
Spray Machine – Is used to spray the required and necessary anti germs medicines in liquid form to save the crops from harmful insects.

2. Harvesting

Best harvesting machine is available to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. This machine does combine three separate harvesting operations into a single process:

• Reaping – cuts the crops
• Threshing – Separates grains from corn or other crops
• Winnowing – To blow of air through grains in order to remove the chaff.

In Simple, Harvester cuts the crops and collects, gathers a crop as a harvest. For its combining Operation, It’s also called Combine Harvester or Combine in short.

Attach the appropriate tools one by one in the game to complete all tasks in order. If you pick the wrong tool, a notice will pop up. Cultivate and harvest the crops in different areas of the countryside and explore new farmlands.
An old and classic Village environment gives an extra edge of excitement in the role play of a farmer.


Simulations games are fun itself, but when it comes to tractor simulation, the thrill is at its peak. Drive a heavy tractor in the mountain hilly area is an extreme driving challenge. Driving, attach tools, detach them, to plough/plow in the fields, all are much realistic to enjoy the real farming and Land Cultivation. Play and enjoy the virtual farming with tractor simulation. Corps takes time to grow, so to give the natural look, real-time day and night effect is added in the Game play.


Controls are as realistic as in real time scenario
Accelerate, Brakes, Attach, detach Buttons for Tractors functionality


Real tractor simulation controls
Complete farming tricks in well-designed environment
Graphics are up to the mark
Realistic Engine Sounds for Engine Start, accelerate, brakes
Effects of dust and smoke are real as tractor moves off-road track and in the field
Start the tractor and move toward the fields, market is waiting for the Supply.
Crashes removed
Bugs fixed

Tractor Farming Driver: Village Simulator 2019com.tractor.game.plowharvest.farming.driver.simulator.free1.2.2


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