Amazing Royal AltLife - Life Simulator Cheat Trick Android Games MOD APK

Amazing Royal AltLife – Life Simulator Cheat Trick Android Games MOD APK

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AltLife - Life Simulator 31 screenshots 3AltLife – Life Simulator is a favorite Simulation Android game available in the market that is published by QmzApps. This company design large amount of great games. For those that are a fan of Simulation Games, I believe you will definitely like playing this AltLife – Life Simulator wonderful game.

AltLife – Life Simulator – An Overview

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In AltLife, you are the author of your life. Each story is different.

Live a life of mediocrity, or drop out of college to pursue your dreams as an online influencer, it’s all up to you.

Apply to your dream job and work your way up the hierarchy, or live off of your parents. There is no wrong decision.

Most of what you interact with is randomly generated to create a unique experience each time you play.


AltLife has an ever-expanding list of jobs you can apply to, ranging from a simple Dishwasher, all the way up to respected CEOs. Each job has its own requirements like education, degrees, stats, age, etc.


Careers are just like jobs, with the exception that you can interact with them. Utoob lets you become a Utoober and make millions by uploading videos and monetizing them. The top rankings shows the top 10 Utoobers of each year in the game.


Nurturing relationships is just as important as landing a great job in AltLife. The more you interact with people in the game, the more options will appear.


AltLife offers a wide variety of activities ranging from playing the lottery, to going on a shopping spree.


Items are just that. Your character has an inventory that you can store items in, which you can interact with.


Collect exotic supercars, or create a real estate empire. The choice is yours.


AltLife receives at least 2 updates a month, bringing you new and innovative content!


Icons provided by:
(10/1) Another small update that should fix most of the issues with the latest version!

Hey everyone! This update includes new Utoob features, tax accountants, new challenges, items and a ton of other changes and bug fixes. You can check out the full change-log in the game’s lobby!

AltLife – Life Simulator com.QmzApps.LifeStory 31


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