The Most Successful Tools PocketRogueSimple-RogueLike Cheat MOD APK

The Most Successful Tools: PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) Cheat MOD APK

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Why need to I take advantage ofthe PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) Cheat?

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It is usually pretty direct to the point, there never was a much better strategy to climb up to the top grade of PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) similar to this cheat tool. In just a few minutes it certainly will supply you with the things you ever needed tohave as a game player of this PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) Android game. You might already get a lot of joy all components of the PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) game and won’t ever have to experience any waiting times again. And that is type of a really nice effect. The PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) online hack tool was established to make its users happy. We don’t need any money from you in any respect but we will want to provide you a significantly better PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) gaming experience. The PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) resources generator tool will unlock all of the fun instantly therefore you wont feel dissapointed about using it. Since I first usesthe tool this game transformed completely for myself. Merely to the helpful, it became considerably more fun and Icouldn’t stop playing PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) game. Now its my favourite mobile game and all this only because of the astonishing PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) Online cheat tool.

PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) 1.1.19 screenshots 2Everybody thatplays this PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) game should make utility ofthe tool as soon as he knows it. We got many happy users during recent times now and after that occurs the all enjoyed our service. The usage of our PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) hack is by far the easiest in the whole industry. It is not necessary have any hacking experience by any means. We created a really simple Interface which will guide you along the usage. Which means that PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) cheat tool is an effective tool for every individual also a child would do well with it. So better try it now as well as enjoy spending your free assets.

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This PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) Resources generator is for the purpose of education only. In no way do we tolerate cheating or hacking. Responsible users possibly use this PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) hack at their own discretion. We take simply no responsibility for the actions of all user associated with this PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) Online hack tool.

PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) – An Overview

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◆ Overview
Pocket rogue is simple
It is a roguelike game.

It can be operated easily with one hand.
Please go to school and commute time for commuting.

◆ Game description
· About the button
Direction button: Move to where the arrow points
Compass button: Indicates the direction the player is facing. You can change the direction clockwise when pressed.
Menu button: Displays the item column. Weapons can be equipped and items can be used.
Remote attack button: Attacks with a bow and arrow. You can use it many times.
Melee attack button: Attacks with a sword.

· bout characters
【|】:Vertical Wall
【-】:Horizontal wall
【@】:Player (you)
【&】:Adventurer’s Will (adventure hint)
【)】:Melee attack weapon (sword)
【(】:Remote attack weapon (arrow)
【$】:Advertising store
【A to Z】: Monster

· About color of monster
White: Beast-type monster
Brown: Spirit-type monster
Gray: Devil series monster
Green: Reptile monster

· About the color representing the state
Green: Very poisonous condition
Purple: Sleep state
Gray: frail condition
Pink: confused state
Blue: frozen state
Red: Serious condition

◆ Other
Rankings are deleted irregularly

◆ Caution
This game has “Continue” function, you can resume game from the middle.
If you continue, your score will be significantly reduced.

Please note that this is a preferential treatment for users targeting ranking on No Continue.
・Fix a typo
・Modify the app to save language settings
・Fix drawing errors

PocketRogue(Simple-RogueLike) 1.1.19


filesize Android 5.0+


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