Places To Get Deals On Noirmony Cheat Android Apps APK MOD

Places To Get Deals On Noirmony Cheat Android Apps APK MOD

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Noirmony – An Overview

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Noirmony is a endless jumper game, playable with one hand.

With monochromatic graphics, Noirmony has a eerie and, at the same time, beauty atmosphere, synchronized sound effects and captivating playable characters.

You’ll have in yours hands a fun, simple and casual game.

Hop on the leaves and help the fantastic beings to climb as high as they can.
Avoid thorns, collect crystals and use items in your favor.
Use the collected crystals to unlock new beautiful characters or to continue your game if you lose.
The tiny butterfly gives you an extra life and the dandelion will get you higher, granting extra scores.

Play offline!
You don’t need to be online to play. The whole game is available offline.

But, if you play online:
Unlock achievements, post your score in leaderboards and try to get the first place between your friends or globally.

Unlock 16 different charismatic playable characters, each one with different abilities. They are all eerie and cute!

How to play:
Tap anywhere on the screen to jump. If your character has double jump ability, you can tap again to jump higher.
You can tap while in the air to make the character descend faster. Use this to adjust where to land on the leaves.
The the leaves movement inertia can be used to add force to your jump and better plan your move.
But beware: bad weather can make everything harder. Strong winds can drop you out and interfere with your jumping.

Noirmony is a project created by @Coisorama, made by two persons that seek to unite passion for games, study and creativity.

Follow us on our social networks to learn more.
Thanks for playing!
User interface adjustment.
Bugs fixing.

Noirmony com.coisorama.noirmony 0.47


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