Take Advantage Of Army Of Allies Cheat

Take Advantage Of Army Of Allies Cheat

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Army Of Allies – An Overview

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“The Army of Allies” is a large-scale multiplayer online instant military strategy game! The commanders are born on a chaotic battlefield with a vast territory and rich resources, but frequently do battle in wars. In the game, you can collect and plunder resources, build your own bases, and produce powerful mechanized forces. You can also form a powerful regiment with your friends to defend against the foreign enemies. When you and your friends are invincible, you can claim yourself as the king in the country!

1. Super Fortress
You can constantly upgrade and develop your military bases, produce diverse mechanized forces, and at the same time build fortifications such as missiles to build an all-round invincible fortress!

2. Strategy Portfolio
A variety of (weapons & troops) of the services are available for you choose, you can send different proportions of mechanized forces based on your personal preferences and wartime needs. When fighting against the enemies, you should attack their weak points with your strong points, this is the military strategy we recommend you use.

3. Instant Battle
Every battle might be happening at any time. According to the changes in the battlefield situation, you can increase, withdraw and gather the forces at any time. The frequent conflicts are both fierce and exciting.

4. Heroic leaders
The super powerful heroes will come to help in the battlefield. With the ultimate skills and the reinforcement of your regiment’s attributes, you can strike the enemies’ morale. The advanced technology allows all field armors to become a stronger power for your development and battle needs.

5. League of Brothers
A strong regiment can not only allow you to get help from the allies, but also to exchange resources. In the invasion of foreign enemies, they can reinforce and defend you at any time. With the cooperation of other legions, you can gather together to fight back and build your own homeland.

6. Stronghold War
This is a creative game play of stronghold competition, in which all major strongholds are a symbol of honor, a manifestation of status and a representation of strength! Work together with your allies to seize the major strongholds together! Sweep over the world and become the supreme leader!
New Contents:
-Legion Boss System
-Christmas Gift Pack
-Everyday Gift Pack
-Every Gift pack add $9.99 pack

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Army Of Allies com.i4joy.armyofallies 1.6.50


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