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Why should I employthe 벽부수기2 Hack tool?

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In fact it’s reasonably easy to understand, there never was a less stressful method to climb up to the very best grade of 벽부수기2 as with this online hack tool. Just in a short while it without a doubt will provide you the things you ever longed to behave as a internet gamer of this 벽부수기2 game app. You now get a lot of joy all components of the 벽부수기2 game and shouldn’t ever need to experience any waiting times again. And that is variety of an extremely nice effect. The 벽부수기2 resources generator was established to help make its subscribers pleased. We don’t need any amount from you at all we were built to wish to provide you with much better 벽부수기2 gaming experience. The 벽부수기2 cheat will unlock all of the fun quickly therefore you wont regret using it. Since I first appliedthe tool the game transformed wholly for me. Simply to the good, it became so much more fun andcouldn’t stop playing the 벽부수기2 game app. Currently its my favorite mobile game and all this only because of the sensational 벽부수기2 Online hack tool.

벽부수기2  screenshots 2Every person whomplays this 벽부수기2 game app should make using ofthe tool at the time he knows exactly it. We got many happy registered users in the past few years now as well as having the all enjoyed our service. The usage of our 벽부수기2 hack is by far the easiest in the whole industry. You don’t need to have any cheating experience by any means. We created a really simple Interface which is able to guide you all along the usage. Which means that the 벽부수기2 resources generator is a great tool for every individual even a child would do well with it. So better give it a shot now and revel in spending your free assets.

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This 벽부수기2 Resources generator is designed for the purpose of education only. In no way do we tolerate cheating or hacking. Responsible users may make use of this 벽부수기2 online hack tool at their own discretion. We take no responsibility regarding the actions of all user of this 벽부수기2 Online cheat tool.

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벽부수기2 – An Overview

Download APK MOD

등장하는 모든벽을 부숴버리자!
화가나고 스트레스가 날때는
바로 벽부수기2로 생명연장 가즈아!

벽부수기 전작과 같은 개발팀에서 만들었습니다.

전작과 대비해서 유저님들이 간곡히 바라셨던
-스킬 진화 시스템
-방치형 시스템
-연습모드 시스템
-UI 최적화

위 내용들이 변화 되었고 앞으로 여러 모드들이 추가될 계획!!

기기의 시간을 변경하시면 경고없이 바로 차단됩니다.
상자시간 단축을 하시기 위해 절대 변경하지마세요.

공략 카페

Home page

■■■■■게임 소개■■■■■

다음의 경우에 해당하는 분들은 반드시 플레이!

▷ 진짜 벽을 치면 손아프니까
▷ 시원하게 부수고 싶을때
▷ 직장 상사가 힘들게 할 때
▷ 급여가 통장을 스쳐지나갈 때
▷ 분노조절이 필요할 때
▷ 격렬하게 아무것도 안하고 싶을 때
▷ 신발끈 묶다가 넘어졌을 때
▷ 변비가 왔을때 화장실에서

벽부수기2가 깔끔하게 처리해드립니다.

■■■■■게임 방법■■■■■

▷ 연습모드를 통해 내 전투력을 측정하세요!
▷ 레벨을 올려 모든 벽을 부셔버리세요!
▷ 다양한 스킬과 스텟으로 자신만의 캐릭터를 만들 수 있습니다.
▷ 챌린지 모드에 도전해 랭커가 되어보세요.
▷ 다양한 스테이지에서 탈출해 보세요!
▷ 마스크 상자를 개봉해 김트롤을 폭발적으로 성장시키세요!

유저님들이 남겨주시는 소중한 리뷰는 개발사에게 큰 힘이 됩니다^^
개발자 연락처 :
Break all the walls that appear!
When you get angry and stressed
Just as the wall crusher 2 life extension Kazaa!

The wall was built by the same development team as before.

In comparison with previous works,
– Skill Evolution System
– Standing system
– Practice mode system
-UI optimization

The above contents have changed and various modes will be added in the future !!

If you change the time on your device, it will be blocked immediately without warning.
Never make changes to reduce box time.

Attack Cafe

Home page

■■■■■ Introducing the game ■■■■■

Please be sure to play!

▷ It hurts when you hit a real wall
▷ If you want to smash cool
▷ When the boss of the workplace gets hard
▷ When salary goes past bankbook
When you need anger control
▷ When you want to do nothing wildly
▷ When you tie a shoelace and fall down
▷ Constipation when you come to the toilet

Wall crusher 2 is neatly handled.

■■■■■ How to play ■■■■■

▷ Measure your attack power through practice mode!
▷ Raise the level to destroy all the walls!
▷ You can make your own character with various skills and stats.
▷ Try challenge mode and become a ranker.
▷ Escape from various stages!
▷ Open the mask box and grow the Kim troll explosively!

A valuable review left by the users is a great power to the developers ^^
4.02.02 hot fixs
– 발도술 버그 수정

– 발도술(진화) 아이콘 수정
– 로비 랭크 텍스트 위치 조정

1. 데미지 텍스트 가독성향상 작업.
2. 데미지 최대 표기를 늘렸습니다.
3. 연습모드에 있던 버그 픽스 및 데미지 표시를 개선했습니다.
4. 발도술이 상향되었습니다.
– 기존 : 딜레이 후 1회 타격
– 변경 후 : 딜레이 후 빠르게 2번 타격
5. 헬하운드, 헬하운드(진화), 블랙홀은 이제 캐릭터의 위치에서 소환됩니다.
6. 스킬 쿨다운이 실제 시간에 맞춰 돌아갑니다.
7. 인앱결제안정화 작업.
8. 시간변경 감지 시스템 수정
9. 방치플레이 보상 증가
– 기존 : 스테이지 클리어 보상 10%
– 변경 후 : 스테이지 클리어 보상 30%
– 이제 방치모드에도 서포터가 등장합니다.
10. Top 100의 텍스트가 겹쳐보이던 버그가 수정되었습니다.

벽부수기2  screenshots 5

벽부수기2 com.daerisoft.crashwall




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