The Best Things About Laurum Online - MMORPG 2D Cheat Android Games

The Best Things About Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D Cheat Android Games

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In case you are a Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D gamers needing enjoy life within a mobile game that often seeks your wages, then you’re likely in the best place, the brand new Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D  cheat helps online players to wholly make the most of their own game app whilst not having costs some money.

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Delivered by, the brand new Resources generator and Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D  Hack can totally maximize your game app routine because we help you receive assets without spending one dollar to allow you to totally take pleasure in the overall game without allocating money.

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The Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D Resources generator runs on both Smartphonedevices and it is competent to generated unlimited resources pretty quickly, all with just a few clicks, it is undoubtedly wholly riskless and it doesn’t require any APK modding because this is for incredible.

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Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D – An Overview

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Laurum Online (formerly known as Angels and Orcs Online or AOO) is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a very unique pixel art and over 400 items.

If you are looking for:
-Skill trees (11 skills per class so far)
-Leader boards!
-PVP arena
-Open PVP!
-Item mods (Diablo/Path of Exile style)
-Huge map
-The best community
-PK/Hero mechanics
-No AFK, yes, you actually get to play the game…
-No P2W
-Active Developer
-Controller Support

…and much more, download Laurum Online now – you wont regret it!

This is a Beta version where you will be able to fight up to 90 different monsters on 15 different areas.

Join us at:
Oficial Website

Our community is super friendly and active, join us now!
-No collision in DS
-Blue indicator when on party (mini-map)
-/kick on party requires first letter to be capital
-105% dodge UI bug when using final protection
-Arcane protection when Paladin is PK
-Hellfaces walking animation
-Added basic weapon skins to skin vendor
-Debuff icons not showing up on ememies

-Server announcement when a new DS is configured
-#trade channel with default channels

-Spawn timers
-Open PVP moved back to area 40+

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Laurum Online – MMORPG 2D com.project7.project7beta




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