Everything You Wanted to Know About BattleHand Heroes Cheat and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

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If you want to get free gems on BattleHand Heroes, it’s very simple: Use our gem generator! This cheat tool, designed by our developer teams, allows you to add your BattleHand heroes account free of charge while respecting your security. Let’s discover without further delay how to set it up!

The Gem generator on BattleHand Heroes

Maybe you already spend a few precious euros in the shop of BattleHand heroes? If this is the case, we understand even more you’re coming on our blog! Even if you learn it a little late, know that it is quite possible to do without this feature of the game.

Indeed, the gem generator that we make available to you on this page is a cheat tool specifically designed for the mobile game BattleHand heroes. with our tool, you no longer have to buy tickets, or even to ruin you because can add your account with free gems.

Designed by online cheat experts – especially on mobile games – The Gem Generator a very simple hack to set up.

For your safety, we have a security system that authenticates your account (to exclude all the boots that seek to sabotage our work) and hides your identity from the publishers of the game. It’s very simple, with our gem generator, you have nothing more to fear: Free from ban!

Why use our hack?

Beyond the incredible ability to generate free gems, our hack protects you. And believe us, we are the only one sites to offer you this function.

If you’ve ever cheated in the past and you’re reading these lines, maybe you’ve had a terrible experience somewhere else? As a general rule, our users are players who have already resorted to cheating but who have been disappointed with the result, lack of accompaniment and seriousness of certain sites or platforms.

At HwaCha Games, our users, we pamper them! First, you have at your disposal clear and precise operating instructions that we strongly recommend you to apply if this is your very first use on our site.

In the second place, we refer you to our video tutorial that you will find at the top of this page and that explains how to set up our security system for your first connection.

Note that once our security has been activated, you will no longer have to reproduce this step for your future generations of gems on BattleHand heroes.

About BattleHand Heroes

Developed and edited by the American studio Kongregate (also known as Bit heroes or Tinker Island), BattleHand Heroes is a role-playing game where you interpret multiple heroes with superhuman powers whose goal is to protect the city of Silver City against the attacks of the Omega interdimensional entity.

BattleHand Heroes brings together all the features of a classic RPG. The principle of the game is based on a collection of Heroes (Mr. Sunshine, Cloud 9, Kitty Karma…) that the player has to improve throughout his adventure.

By winning unbridled battles against the hordes of Omega monsters, you will get rewards like tickets, cards but also gems… and sometimes even more!

These rewards allow you roughly to make all the necessary improvements to your heroes so that they are big to face their worst enemies.

The game offers a chat function where you can chat with players from around the world (English is rigorous… sorry the Anglophobes) and why not, join alliances and fight in the mythical places of the city of Silver city.

With the help of the map, you can select yourself the place of battle. Between the Titan Tower, the Silver City Stadium and its municipal park, you will have the choice! Make your gameplay vary by walking around the city!

Featuring a soundtrack that promotes the immersion of the player, BattleHand Heroes also offers neat graphics without forgetting a few features of humor in the animation of the characters and their weapons.

Thanks to the gem generator, you can now enjoy a free 100% gameplay. We hope you enjoy this trick and we wish you to spend pleasant games on BattleHand heroes!

Note: BattleHand Heroes is a mobile game available in French and free download under IOS and Android.

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