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If you’re committed to changing the world in a universe of dinosaurs and high-tech weapons, you probably like the Dino War MMO. At HwaCha Games We tried, we totally hooked! This article will tell you about the cheating trick that we used to enjoy this game without paying: the diamond generator.

What is the diamond generator?

If you are on this page today it is because, like us, you were looking for an effective way to get diamonds on Dino War. Our community, largely supported by hundreds of developers, is always looking for the latest hack to help the thousands of players who follow us.

For freemium games such as Dino War, it is essential to cheat if you do not want to spend your money on the purchase of integrated options. Now, in our case of the day, you already know that diamonds are the main resources that are absolutely indispensable to your progress.

This is the reason that our online cheat experts have set up a diamond generator. This cheat tool, available directly from this page, is the free hack tool that allows you to pick up the number of diamonds you want.

If it is our first cheat experience on our site, probably you have some questions: How does our hack tools work? Is it totally free? Do I have a risk of banning? We will try to answer your questions throughout this article.

Why use our hack?

You understood it: Impossible to progress and save mankind on Dino War without hack tool. But with the generator of HwaCha Games, it is now possible to obtain diamonds without moving from the seat.

First of all, it seems important to point out that our generator is a hack tool designed directly from our labs. Once designed, it can be used on different devices, operating systems in order to carry out tests.

If these experiences are conclusive and bear fruit, we decide to share the cheating trick on our blog. Under no circumstances do we publish untested cheats. It’s our golden rule.

The diamond Generator We offer you today is quite similar to the peers: it has a very powerful security system that makes any user completely anonymous.

Of course, for this system to be functional, each user must go through a human validation during his generation of diamonds on Dino War. Subsequently, it is no longer mandatory to enable this security since it is automatically re-activated for each new generation. Simple and efficient you said?

Below we offer you a manual of our diamond generator. Make good use of it

About Dino War

Do you like post-apocalyptic atmospheres and dinosaurs? You’re going to love Dino War. Developed and edited by the studio KingsGroup Holdings, it is currently one of the best strategy games of this year 2018.

Available as a free download under IOS and Android, Dino War is a game accessible to all francophones since the latter is fully translated into French.

A veritable MMO strategy game, Dino War plunges you into a chaotic universe that opposes two main clans: Dinosaurs and the Army. The few remaining humans stand on the side of the historical creatures to defend a common goal: the survival of mankind.

You must, in turn, control the beasts and your human units by building and developing a solid base. You are in the ranks of the resistance!

Throughout your journey, you will have to think of several functions in the game, likely to cause your XPs to increase severely. Contrary to what you can think of at first glance, you will not be alone and will have to forge alliances to spray your Enemies.

With the help of our diamond generator, some of the actions you will need to implement to develop your base can be used at the frequency you want. What to enjoy the game at its fair value.

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