Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Cheat? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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If you have come to lend a hand to your Disney and Pixar heroes, you are on the right page! Through this article, we will show you how to generate free diamonds on Disney heroes: Battle Mode. You can use our latest online cheat trick: The diamond generator, finally you will enjoy your mobile game at the fair value.

What are the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode diamond generator?

No need to be an online cheat expert to use a resource generator! Our special Disney heroes: Battle Mode Diamond Generator has been designed by our teams so that it is very simple to implement by a maximum of players.

HwaCha Games is a site specialized in the design of cheats codes for the Freemiums games such as Disney heroes: Battle Mode. This type of game is usually characterized by the presence of in-app purchase, paying options that are especially useful for the player.

In our case of the day, these in-apps purchase is diamonds. Diamonds allow all kinds of things: get gold for example, but also recharge your endurance gauge.

To ensure the transfer of your diamonds to your Disney heroes: Battle Mode account, you must activate a security key. If this step is important, it is because our security protects your data. With a transparency filter as well as an anti-robot test. This is a very effective protective weapon against banning by game publishers.

How do I activate this security key? Based on the guideline at the top of this article. For the rest, just follow the instructions below.

Since our last update, you do not need to activate this security with each generation of diamonds.

How often to use the cheat diamond generator?
Although our cheat is programmed for unlimited use, as gamers, we recommend a limited use of the influence generator on Disney heroes Battle Mode.

Indeed, using this trick allows you to dodge the payments imposed by the freemium game genre but not to spoil the fun of the gameplay, we advise you not to use it more than once a week if you play Disney heroes Battle Mode every day (for example).

Last tips: Prefer to use our cheat tool in a place where you have WiFi access. It only takes a bad connection to destabilize the transfer of your resources to your Disney heroes Battle Mode account.

About Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes Battle Mode is an action game featuring the Disney and Pixar characters. As the name of the game shows, it is a fighting game where you have to defend the city of Digital City, the victim of a spread of an extremely dangerous virus that affects heroes and their families.

In a futuristic universe combining childhood and combat, you lead a team of several characters: in 5 PvP, you will be able to fight against icons of the Disney and Pixar universes by way of the Indestructible, the worlds of Ralph, or even Toy Story or Zootopie.

The goal of the game is simple: the player must build up a team of 5 powerful heroes in order to respond to the daily quests but also to the fighting that will escalate your XP. Every hero has to be constantly improving to remain performing in the field.

With more than 20 Disney and Pixar heroes mingled, it is your duty to protect your fellows!

Each day, the player will have the opportunity to win special items as well as special rewards if the missions are carried out successfully. But remember that in battles between 5 heroes and 5, it is the union that makes strength!

Using a virtual map, you can explore the different areas of the city and identify with brio the urban areas to be saved.

We hope that with your new stock of diamonds you will be able to save Digital City. What are you waiting to play? It’s your turn to save your childhood heroes…

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for free.

Very quickly on HwaCha Games!

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