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Today, HwaCha Games teams are talking about Oz: Broken Kingdom mobile game! If you play it, you probably need to be looking for extra emeralds. Indeed, this resource is indispensable to your progression but poses a real problem since it must be pay. Fortunately for you, Oz: Broken Kingdom gamers, we have an emerald generator, a hack tool available from this page and that is completely free!

HWACHA online hack

Oz: Broken Kingdom cheat: the emerald generator – An Overview

The Emerald Generator is a cheat available directly online that is only used from this page.

Designed by HwaCha Games online cheat specialists, it allows any Oz: Broken Kingdom player to generate free and safe quantities of emeralds he wishes.

If this cheat trick allows such a feat it is because there is indeed a flaw in the system of the game. Spotted by our developers, this bug allows our experts to offer free generation services.

Why use our cheat trick?

Thought and designed by our own developers, this hack now allows thousands of players from Oz: Broken Kingdom to save money on their bank account to pay in the game shop.

The money saves one of the main reasons for using an Oz: Broken Kingdom cheat but for those who express preferences in the use of their cheats, the reasons are deeper.

Users of HwaCha Games are particularly demanding of cybersecurity because cheating necessarily implies risks.

If you ignore it, we teach you: when you use a cheat – whatever its nature – you may strongly be detected by the publishers of the game and potentially risk a ban either for several days or for life of the game. It is a rather disastrous fate when we know that one can cheat in all discretion with specific generators.

If we put a particular emphasis on the use of security when cheating is because our cheats are equipped with it.

During the design of the Oz: Broken Kingdom emerald Generator, our developers integrate a security system that ensures the anonymity of each of our users.

This security system is very important because it is because of it that we avoid the lifetime banishment of our users. You will also agree that it is particularly useless to generate so many emeralds and not be able to use them afterward.

For this security system to work, users must activate it manually. If some people think this is a long and complex step, it is not. Just watch the example at the top of this article to see that in just a few clicks you can get the number of emeralds you have required safely!

Before being published on our site, the Emerald Generator has been the subject of several exams. Initially, the latter was evaluated by an external expert commission at HwaCha Games to determine if our cheat respects the rules of online cheating.

Once this step is validated, we ask about thirty beta testers to evaluate our generator and give their opinion. Below you will find some excerpts from their testimony. But first, here are the steps to follow to use our emerald generator in an optimal way.

About Oz: Broken Kingdom
Developed and then published by the studio This Games Studio, INC, Oz: Broken Kingdom is a role-playing game in which you embody different characters: the White Iron Man, The Lion, the Scarecrow as well as the beautiful and talented Ophelia Shen.

If you have read or seen the Wizard of Oz, these heroes will not be ignored. You will have to evolve these characters while battling the forces of evil that have settled in the beautiful but mysterious kingdom of Oz.

During your adventure, you will need to develop a real strategy to succeed in your battles against the forces of evil. In addition, the game offers a true dimension of exploration since you have to solve mysteries in order to restore the balance between good and evil.

The abilities you will gain at the heart of your adventure will allow you to vary your attack strategies during your battles. These improvements are obviously brought by the multiple resources present in the game but especially thanks to the emeralds that you have just generated using our hack. Let’s hope you make good use of it!

Don’t forget our daily meeting on HwaCha Games! We’ll meet tomorrow to introduce you to a brand new cheat code!

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