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BarbarQ is the new trendy game downloaded by millions of users both on the App Store and on Google Play. If you are on this page, it is far from a coincidence. Are you probably looking for a way to get extra gems on your account, don’t you? Today we show you how to use our cheat trick: the online gem generator. Entertainment and Savings Guaranteed!

HWACHA online hack

What is the free BarbarQ cheat gem generator?

If you are already playing in BarbarQ, you already know that the expense of gems is a way to have regularly. It can be used to buy extra gold but also to merge rare collectibles and more widely, to buy items in the Champis room or in the treasure hunt.

BarbarQ publishers are unfortunately forcing their players to pay to get more gems. Its available in the game shop and allow the purchase of extra gold.

How do we no longer have to pay these resources? Of course, you have to use the cheat. And at HwaCha Games, we have no choice to do this since the game is freemium.

Don’t you know the definition of this word? A freemium, also called free-to-play or pay-to-win, is a free game offered on our mobile platforms. Unfortunately, if the game is presented as a free 100% entertainment, it is actually very far from being. Indeed, a freemium is downloaded free of charge but contains paying options which, too, are far from perfectly optional.

With this deceptive advertisement, our teams have no regrets in designing cheats tricks such as resource generators. That’s why we make available as many our cheat trick: the Gem generator.

Available directly online, the BarbarQ gem generator is a hack tool that requires no download. By accessing this hack, you simply need to designate the quantities of the gems you desire and then wait for the build to take place.

In order to make the transfer of your gems, you must first activate our secure portal. This step is strictly obligatory since we do not want to attract the detector robots from cheats of publishers.

Note that in most cases, the hosting sites of cheats like ours do not advocate this activation causing most of their users in one-time bans or even, sometimes, for life!

We put at your disposal a simple manual and a video tutorial that you will find at the top of this article. The video shows you how to do the activation of our security. Finally, do not hesitate to give us your opinion in a comment as soon as your resources are in your account. Good cheat with HwaCha Games!

About BarbarQ

After Guns Royale, the studio Electronic Soul presents a brand new game sandbox: BarbarQ! In this action and strategy game, you move a courageous BarbarQ into an arena conducive to hunting barbarians, your first enemies. The purpose is to get to cumulus a maximum point before the others to be at the top of the ranking.

In this multiplayer game, you control the movements of your character via a virtual joystick to the left of the screen while the commands of attack, the defense as well as the special moves are controllable to the right of your screen. Every fight won makes you naturally climb in the world ranking but above all, you are likely to win many trophies and special moves.

In “Free for all” mode, you fight against players from around the world but know that you can also opt for a 3 × 3 PvP mode and join forces to increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

If you liked the game or want to share your opinion on our cheat trick, feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of this article! Stay connected, you may be left with more surprises this weekend!

BarbarQ is a mobile game available for free download on the APP store and on the Play store.

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