Cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy Cheat: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

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Cooking Madness (Android) or kitchen Frenzy (IOS) is a kitchen simulation mobile game that was just released on two mobile platforms. We have created a diamond generator to help the cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy players to enjoy free and unlimited 100% gameplay.


HWACHA online hack

Our Cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy diamond generator

On Cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy Cheat, diamonds generator are a particularly important hack tool. In fact, with this Diamond, you can start a level again, get extra gold but especially recharge your energy batteries.

Cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy is still a freemium game. It is not surprising that we find that to get more diamonds (those that one wins at the end of the level are never in sufficient quantity), the player must go to the shop of the game and buy.

Once the player has fully integrated the principle of the game and has progressed well, it becomes difficult for him to do without diamonds. And that’s what publishers play for.

At HwaCha Games, we found an easy and quick way to generate diamonds. The generator we are proposing to you today is a hack that connects to your account using the identification process that we linked to you below in this article.

What are the advantages of our hack?

If free is the first of the advantages of our hack, you have to know that the diamond generator is also secured by a system of its own.

Designed in our labs, the diamond Generator is a cheat tool tested by a team of beta testers. Published now on our page, it is certified according to online cheating methods.

To use the diamond generator, we recommend that you follow the instructions below.

Good cheat!

About cooking Madness-Kitchen Frenzy

Cooking Madness is is a kitchen game available for free download on the App Store and on Google Play. You can also take advantage of this game via the Facebook application by logging into your account. Available since December 2017 on our screens, this game now accounts for over a million users worldwide.

As we have already heard in the introduction, the game has two different names depending on the operating system you are using. On Android, you will find the game under the name of “Cooking Madness” when at IOS you can download it by looking for it under the name of Kitchen Frenzy.

Anyway, the goal is the same because it is the same game: serve your customers in the condition imposed by the level. You will have to distribute a maximum of dishes under the allotted time and make sure that none of your customers get out of your restaurant in fury.

The more you progress in the game, the more difficult it will be. You will have to continually make improvements to your kitchen and your ingredients to build loyalty and develop your clientele.

At each level, you win gold as well as diamonds but unfortunately, these are only a meager reward since you will never get enough to earn 30 extra seconds, or to start a whole level.

Now, with the diamond generator, you can enjoy cooking Madness – Kitchen Frenzy has its fair value. We hope you will make good use of it.

See you tomorrow on HwaCha Games to discover another cheat!

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