Orbital 1 Cheat Expert Interview

Orbital 1 Cheat Expert Interview

Orbital 1 has just arrived on IOS and Android! Unfortunately, if you read these lines, it is that it is freemium. So to not let the misfortune continue the route, we propose you a hack tool: the Orbital 1 gems generator. Available directly on this page, it will allow you to get gems for free and unlimited!

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The Orbital 1 gem generator: a free and effective hack tool

The gem generator that we are proposing to use today is a cheat tool that can be used from this page. Connected directly to our servers, the Orbital 1 gem generator brings a real advantage to our users because it is equipped with a high-performance security system.

After reading this article, you will able to use it in an optimal and secure way.

If you still wondering why to use our Orbital 1 gem generator, be aware that most of the users of HwaCha Games mainly come here to save money.

During the study of Orbital 1 mobile game by our developers, they detected a flaw in the system of the game. It because this computer bug that our team was then able to design a cheat capable of generating thousands of gems free of charge while making the user perfectly anonymous.

The direct consequence of the use of the generator is felt in the gameplay. Since you own large quantities of gems, you can buy gold and also speed up the process of improving your units. Result? Unlimited games and more than one euro to spend!

What are the advantages of our Orbital 1 hack?

The reliability of our hack is no longer a question for us since we have been practicing in this field for years. Know that we perform our own tests on different devices (IOS and Android). When an anomaly occurs, we are presumably directly alerted. But it’s been more than 8 years since HwaCha Games is a site specialized in online cheating and so far no anomaly has been detected.

In a second time, we ask a commission of experts to evaluate to all of our cheats. In this way, we hold an objective and practically categorical opinion on our hack. Without the approval of the Commission, we do not publish a generator on our site.

In the event that these experts show a favorable opinion, we ask some thirty beta testers to give their opinion on our generator, its ergonomics, the activation of our security as well as the clarity of our explanations.

Finally, once these three steps have passed, we definitely publish our hack on our blog, to the delight of thousands of HwaCha gamers!

How to use our cheat gem generator?

We are aware that many players come to our site for the sole purpose of generating a few gems without wanting to drag themselves into the cheat.

We want these novice users to be able to use our cheat code in the simplest way. That is why we provide you with a manual.

About Orbital 1

If you like mobile strategy games that change, Orbital 1 May please you. Combining strategy and card collection, you must fight crime in cyberspace by destroying enemy ships. The game is available free for download on IOS and Android in French.

With a flashy and fully 3d design, Orbital 1 offers the player a rather amusing mobile experience. To create a strong army, you will need to develop a collection of unit cards or attack devices: for example, you can use the inevitable infernal mouthful to make only a fang of your enemies or the buzzing, a Powerful Aériel device.

All of your strategies will need to be set from the available units in your collection. You have the possibility to combine some cards to make platform combinations and increase the damage or your defense according to your needs.

Every victory leads you to a reward. Called “Messengers” it is last can be represented in the form of gems but in most cases, you will earn mostly coins and what to garnish your collection of cards.

In the vastness of the galaxy, you still have a lot of work to do to defend peace. And believe it or not, the gems will be there maybe for something…

See you tomorrow to discover a new cheat code on HwaCha Games!

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