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Divine Academy is the school of the future gods. If you want to limit the financial breakage, you must use our Divine Academy cheat trick: the Crystal Generator. This Divine Academy cheat trick is free and available on this page and can be used now and without moderation on HwaCha Games.

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The Divine Academy crystal generator

Like all the other topics we here, Divine Academy is a free-to-play game which the player is forced to spend money in order to get crystals. This transaction mode is the called free-to-play which are free to download but which contain paying options.

You only need a few parts on Divine Academy to understand that crystals are indispensable resources and therefore, far from simply being ‘ optional ‘. In fact, this pushes you to invest in structures and activity to cancel the time necessary for their improvement.

Result? Much more fluid gameplay and all that without having to spend anything! Rather nice as a trick no?

The use of the crystal Generator is a natural process. Many players use our cheat tricks every day, regardless of the game being targeted. But to use our cheat trick is better to know how to go about it… that’s why we’ve concocted this article to figure out how to use our cheat in an optimal way!

How to use our cheat code?

If this you cheating for the first time on our site, important to know that the generator you are about to use is a hack designed by our teams. Before being published on our website, the Divine Academy Special Crystal Generator has been tested on various media to verify the reliability and effectiveness.

The crystal generator is very easy to use. However, we think it is reassuring for novice cheaters to have a manual to rely on.

The HwaCha Games team is particularly vigilant about the safety of every user. Also, during your first generation of Divine Academy, you must activate our security system. To do this, we advise you to read the guidelines we published at the top of this article.

For the rest of the adventure, just follow the directions you will find in our manual.

About Divine Academy

Divine Academy is a strategy game in which you have to develop a city in ancient times. Available as a free download on IOS, Android and Windows Phone, you can also enjoy its gameplay through the Facebook application.

In this game, you embody a young God in becoming at the University of the gods. To learn how to do miracles, the school submits you to a very long and difficult exercise: the construction and management of an acropolis under Ancient Greece!

Framed by Zeus and Athena who define your missions, you will have to gather enough wealth to build the buildings necessary for a city worthy of ancient times. Temple, Gold Reserve, Magistrates ‘ Hall, everything is going on to make your people evolve into a powerful and indelible civilization in the history of mankind.

Watch out for the Cyclops and the harpies who loot your resources!

The crystals you have just generated will allow you to make improvements to your buildings in a record time but above all to get more rare structures, usually accessible to players who pay for extra crystals.

If you like the management and construction games a little off-kilter, you’ll love Divine Academy. We hope you will enjoy our cheat trick on HwaCha Games and we wish you to spend good and long games on your favorite mobile game!

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