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There are many cheats on Tropicats to save your money. In fact, sometimes you end up doing precisely the exact same level several times to reach your objective.

But behind all this amusement lies a sad reality. The villains of all Tropicats are plagued by a terrible curse. Recently, their village was devastated by a terrible earthquake which shattered and moisturizes their Great Totem, a representative figure of the protective god.

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Meow Meow Meow. What is meowing here? With our online diamond generator, then you’ll have the ability to generate unlimited and free resources. We will explain to you how it functions through our article. Have a fantastic reading!

Originally, we’re a bunch of geeks friends who are passionate about computers and video games. When our phones were spent by freemiums (supposedly free games that you could find on the App Store or Google Play) we immediately realized that this was just one more method for publishers of these games to fill one’s pockets and on the contrary, empty ours.

Tropicats from Wooga is a fruity match-3 with a side of resource management and a few world building for added flavor. There is a lot happening on this tropical island inhabited by cats — from broken totems to missing shamans to secret enjoys. You’ll have to collect gold coins and gold butterflies, decorate your village to increase your own Village Rank, and solve match-3 puzzles to unlock new levels and the awesome narrative. Blue diamonds will help you get premium village decoration and can help you keep your gameplay should you run out of moves in your match-3. There are a lot of elements to track, so to make the most of Tropicats, here are Gamezebo’s hints, tricks, and strategies.

Gems are the premium currency in Tropicats. You won’t have a lot of it unless you pay actual money for this, so it is crucial to know what to spend them on. The answer, however, is dependent on what type of player you are. If you are playing the game due to the town building aspect, then avoid wasting jewels on solving puzzles. If you’re playing the game strictly because of the puzzles, then save your jewels for continuing a challenging puzzle.

Once in a while, you’ll find the opportunity to watch a video advertisement so as to spin the Wheel of Fortune. Make the most of this if you can in order to accumulate resources such as coins and gems. Be sure that you will play for some time longer before you twist, however. Among the possible prizes out of the wheel are unlimited lives for 10 minutes. It’ll be a waste if you log off in the game before the 10 minutes is up.

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